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Saltdal - Tinnan
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You have now entered my web-page which will give you a short introduction of me. My curriculum vitae shows what I have done professionally, and I have some information about what I do in my spre time;sport, traveling, boat and my wife -Merete Bostrøm.

At the right hand side you can find some of my links that I am using. But I do not all are of public interest!


Vos have iam penetro meus textus page quod mos tribuo vos a brevis introduction mei. Meus curriculum vitae ostendo quis EGO have perfectus professionally. EGO have porro laboro per jactantia super quis EGO operor procul meus parco vicis ; lusum , eo , navis quod meus uxor - Merete Bostrøm.

Procul dextera pars vos can reperio nonnullus of meus links ut EGO reperio nonnullus of meus links ut EGO sum usura. Non totus es of publicus penitus!




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Here you can find some pictures that I am particulary proud of.

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Some of my friends have their own web-pages that might be worth visiting:
Brage W. Johansen
Håvard Ø. Moland
Jan Helge Fastvold


Weather in Saltdal
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